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Spa days at the Cottage
28 Chemin LaPointe
L'ange-Gardien, QC
Clients are welcome to spend a day at our cottage and receive a massage at your convenience.
Enjoy the day relaxing by the lake: read, swim, canoe, go for a nature walk, or jump off the rocks into the lake.
Bring a friend or family and food for the bbq. Whether you stay for lunch, or to enjoy the sunset, you'll have a memorable day.

Housecalls to the Gatineau region
Clients can book a housecall on the Quebec side can receive a receipt to go with their massage therapy session.

Housecalls to the Ottawa region
Clients who book a housecall are welcome to get a massage from me, but I cannot write a receipt as my Ontario CMTO registration number is in 'inactive' status.

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